EGLBS is in the process of trying to migrate membership information from our affiliate societies (ASOR, CBA, & SBL) directly to a resident EGLBS database. We hope this will streamline communications with members and other interested parties. We realize that some folks who do not belong to ASOR, CBA, or SBL still would like to participate in our regional society (and also that some members of the national and international associations would rather not get notices about regional events). We hope this resident EGLBS membership database will help us direct communications toward the people who actually would like to hear from us.

The "website account form" is a test version of what we hope will become the vehicle for being added to the resident EGLBS membership database. If you are interested in becoming an EGLBS member, please help us test this new function by completing this new EGLBS membership form.
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Become an official EGLBS member and reap the benefits of information, interconnection, and innovation in the field. The various levels of EGLBS membership are designed to fit the varying needs of our constituency and supporters. Each membership level provides benefit levels distinctive to that particular membership group. Follow this link to learn about those different types of EGLBS membership.
EGLBS also invites sponsorship by other educational institutions and not-for-profit groups. Follow this link to learn about the benefits of Institutional Sponsorship of EGLBS.