Types of operating system installation methods

Types of operating system installation methods

It is very important to install a genuine operating system to your computer. When it comes to installing an operating system there are several easy ways available. This installation process is based on the system hardware and the end user requirements. In this installation you can see four different types and those types are listed below.

Clean installation: you can go with clean installation at the time where you cannot find any upgrade paths between the existing operating system and the new one. This installation will erase all the data in your computer and also you can use this type of installation when your files are corrupted and not working properly. If you need all the data in your system then you are not recommended to use this installation type.

Upgrade installation: upgrade installation is nothing but the upgraded version of the current operating system. When it comes to this type of installation there is no need to worry about data and information present in your computer because, this installation just upgrades the current OS in your system. The applications which are incompatible with the upgraded OS will not work as before.  


Multi boot installation: in this installation you can install more than one OS in your system. You can possibly install each operating system in a different disk and each OS has its own files and applications. When it comes to this multi boot installation the user will see a menu when they open the computer, in that menu user needs to select the type of OS on which he/she would like to work with. Even though you have many operating systems in your system you can only run one OS at a time.

Virtual installation: This is a new technique which is often used on server. With the help of this installation you can run numerous copies of an operating system in a single system. Each single virtual machine works as a single computer. With the different types of installation process you can possibly install your own OS using IPMI/KVM.

Before installing any new operating system, make sure that you have copied all the data in your computer to a separate hard disk. Create different partition in the hard disk and install a different operating system on each partition. By this way you can easily upgrade your operating system in an easy manner.

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