Steroids for Body Building

Steroids for Body Building

Most of the steroids are the best choice for athletes and bodybuilders to improve their physical appearance. Some of the steroids are used as a performance-enhancing drug for athletes. Usage of these kinds of steroids are illegal and was banned by many international sports bodies. But some steroids are used just to get the muscle faster. These steroids are most commonly used to increase the speed of muscle growth to better perfect and well-developed body. Methandrostenolone is one of that type steroid which is used to increase the growing rate of Muscle. It is also called as in various names methandienone and Methandienone.



Metadieone or Dianabol is a modified testosterone ,which is methylated by proper chemicals and functions. This methylated testosterone is first used in Germany. Germany was the first one to develop and market these steroids in early 1960s period. But Germany discontinued using these steroids for some serious side effects. Later it was produced and marketed by Ciba Specialty Chemicals in the United States of America. It is one of the controlled substances in the United States and it is legal to use and buy with a proper prescription from Doctors. In most other countries like Mexico, it is legal to use and buy without the prescription.


This methylated testosterone was used mostly by bodybuilders to gain fast muscle. Many of renowned Body builders like Arnold Schwarzenegger admits that he uses this methandienone to get the fast and great looking muscle. It increases the growth of muscle by increasing the speed of protein synthesis and glycogenolysis by activates the androgen receptor. Athletes used this steroid to enhance their performance by improving eccentric left ventricular hypertrophy. But in nature’s athleticism ability is found in concentric ventricular. These has serious enhance performance of athletes and last for 5 hours.

Dosage and Detection

Dianabol is a modified testosterone drug, which gets the popularity by its wide usage in Gyms all over the United States.  Most of the gyms sold this steroid in their counters in the 1970s. It will help to gain at leat 3LB per week. It is also an oral steroid which was used by the cycle of a few weeks. The consumer can determine the dosage of this steroid for each week. The correct dosage of this steroid better results for the consumer mostly body builders. The cycle usually takes about 6 weeks long. For the beginners, it is advised to take 30mg per day and later you can about 50mg per day. If you are very familiar with these kinds of steroids or you have enough experience who can take about 70mg to 80 mg per day for best results.

Side Effects

The excess dosage of this steroid causes serious damages to the liver ,which is called as Hepatotoxic. If you have high blood pressure then it is not advisable to you because it can increase blood pressure even high make your health condition critical. The other side effects like acne and over aggression and Gynecomastia. Limited usage of this drug will give better results with mild together.

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