Is it true that disposable wipes can block drain line?

Believe it or not, but sewer experts from various parts of the world like London, Toronto, New York suggest that considerable percentage of clogs in drain lines are caused due to clothes and wipes.

It costs a lot to get rid of such clogs. Around $10 million are spent in getting rid of blockages caused due to wipes and clothes in New York by the Department of Environmental Protection.

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This is the reason, authorities in various cities have urged wet wipes manufacturers to label their products appropriately and mention if they are disposable in the drain or not.

Wipes are used for several reasons; they are commonly used for removing sunscreen application, removing basic makeup, wiping wet hands after cleaning, etc.

Before changing diapers, wipes are used for cleaning the baby. Wipes are often flushed down the drain with nappies and other materials. This is what triggers the problem in the drain line. More than baby wipes, the real trouble makers are personal wipes that are commonly used by adults.

National Association of Clean Water Agencies director for regulatory affairs, Cynthia Finley, recently interacted with journalists and shared her opinion about the issue. She pointed out that flushable wipes are in great demand because people prefer to dispose wipes in toilet seat instead of throwing them in the trash can.

Similar problem reported from around the world

Most of the plumbing experts suggest that so-called flushable wipes are often not biodegradable as claimed by their makers. Thus, some of them get accumulated inside pipes and cause clog after few days, especially in lines that have imperfections.

“Most of the municipal sewer systems are designed to handle material that can break down easily. First, people dispose-off paper towels, toilet paper, flushable wipes, and other material down the drain. This material creates blockage and then homeowners need to spend hundreds of dollars just to clear this mess with the help of various processes including drain snaking,”-said New York-based plumber on condition of anonymity.

Insufficient investment in infrastructure, climate change, and growing population has increased the pressure on sewer systems in almost all countries. Problems have increased and pushed the system up to their limit already.

Service providers like emergency plumbing Fresno suggest people should make sure that they only flush biodegradable items down the drain. This will make sure that drain lines remain problem free for years and will also help in avoiding unnecessary spending on plumbing.

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