Can You Have A Successful Business Strictly Through SOCIAL MEDIA?

Can You Have A Successful Business Strictly Through SOCIAL MEDIA?

One thing that is for certain is you can run a business through social media. The question is, can you run a SUCCESSFUL business strictly through social media. Let’s define strictly in this content. Strictly means only selling and marketing through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat etc. Basically whoever you allow to see your content on these social media sites is your target market. I never thought you could run a successful business strictly from social media until I witnessed it myself.

A few months ago I met someone who runs their business strictly through social media and I instantly had to find out how. She was kind enough to give me her tips and did not mind if I shared some of them, so here we go!

How do you honestly run your business strictly through social media? The key is consistency. Did you know that it is certain hours of the day where social media post is viewed the most, and are most likely to show up on the timeline of your target market? The key times to post about your business is every two hours starting at six in the morning! Even if people are not up that early in the morning they are still likely to see your post once they are on their social media snap chat spy site. I know I am not a morning person, so six in the morning is super early.
Here is a solution for other people who are not morning people. It is an app called HOOTSUITE. This app will post to your social media sites whenever you schedule them to post. How cool is that?!


Another tip is to monitor who likes your post and comments under your post. Write the names of the people who liked your post on social media and the people that commented under them. Direct message those people telling them about your business and offer them your services. Do this every week to build your clientele.

The final tip that I am allowed to share is what you should post to your social media sites. Yes, you should post about your product that you are advertising but you should not only post about that. Allow people to get to know you. Post about your product, post about what you do throughout the day and finally post about what you do for fun! The key is just allowing people to know snapchat spy and not just your product.

These tips really work! The person that shared this tips with me averages over $3,000 a month just from strictly using social media straight from her smart phone and not even meeting with people face to face. I wonder how far her business will go if she ventured out and started meeting people face to face.

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