Be always with a guide to pick your Pokemon

Be always with a guide to pick your Pokemon

Pokemon go- The sensational game is going to release soon in India also. At the release on U.S people walking on the road by seeing their mobiles. Rapid users will know about the game, but for new users? There was a complete guide was available for Pokemon go to play. Guides and cheats are already available over the web. This Installation guide will provide you the most clear specimen of the game. Most awaiting moment for people in India was the release of Pokemon go officially. United States had declared officially and released the game, Pokemon go. From the date people in U.S are on road by walking. As same People in India are waiting for the survival of the game to engage with the Pokemon go.

Know more about Pokemon:

As a rapid Android gamer, you will like to play Pokemon go. It’s an Android game which was developed by a company of Niantic and Pokemon. Google made a base for this game to reach the height of greatness. Without knowing the game, players will leave on street blankly. The only effortless clue is the map. So download Pokemon GO apk file and start playing the interesting game.


Founder’s statement:

In the natural world, some artificial things also living in the sight of humans. The immense pleasure to introduce this game to be soulful for Android haters. And from the game, people will know the outside world apart from their home and surroundings. By pokemon go, people like to have some new relationship with strangers, which acts as a social media platform. Instead of Aliens, Pokemon will rule the whole world and soon it was getting ready to arrive in India. You can expect over this September, stated by Founder.

Create yourself as Pokemon hunter:

When started to play first design your avatar to play. It’s a single pick choice, so can’t able to pick another after the selection. Before playing go through the whole map randomly to start from the best place. Once you find the Pikachu, grab and pull It to Poke ball. With the help[ of Pokemon GO apk you can install and play the game effectively. Hence play the game with your friends and android players without any hesitation. Pokemon go- the game in current trend which was celebrated by many game lovers. But be safe by playing the game. Our life is more important than this game.

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