Who is ITL and what do they do?

Who is ITL and what do they do?

ITL are a retail store that sells Bluetooth speakers, LED products and portable power banks.

They have quite interesting products like the LED Reflective vests which can be used when running, cycling, walking or jogging these vest are highly visible and they don’t weigh much so will not be a problem while you are jogging. This is a great product for everyone that participates in sport or exercise where you need to be noticed to be safe.

But this is not all they also have LED hula hoops these might release the child within you again and if you have children well that is even better because these multi-color LED hula hoops looks like great family fun for parents and children alike and if you are one of those parents trying to drag your child away from their tablets, mobiles and video games well there is a slight chance this might be the right way.

Reflective Gear

They also have Bluetooth speakers but not your normal boring Bluetooth speakers. These are Bluetooth speakers in a great and interesting round design with a blue LED light. These speakers have a built in 2.1 +EDR wireless module which means it will support just about all of your devices and you can enjoy wireless free music while still working on your devices. Customers love these speakers and the reviews are extremely positive.

They also have portable power banks and with the Smartphone these days it is hard to go anywhere without a way to charge your phone due to all the apps, music, videos and social option on your smart phone the battery never lasts a full day so a power bank is something to consider.

After visiting their site I want every product on there they are all amazing colorful and extremely fun.

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