How to prevent your dog from slipping away

How to prevent your dog from slipping away

 It is very annoying when you are walking with your dog and then it suddenly it slips away; in most case a dog can slip away because of the type of collar that you are using. It is very important that you get time to check the collar that you want to buy for your dog. Camo Dog Collar has no specific standard but to be on the safe side, it is good that you get one that will suit your dog.

You can try martingale adjustable collar to prevent your dog from slipping away; with is type of collar, you are sure that you dog stays in the collar and you are able to control its movement. This type of collar is also used in training dogs.

It has been given many names by people and it is also called the human choke collar because it allows so much freedom to the owner of the dog. It has two loops that help you to tighten the collar whenever the dog is trying to get out.

The loops will automatically loosen as soon as you dog stop struggling to slip away. The loops tighten to an extend that your dog is not choked and loosen at a point that your dogs head is not able to slip away. The feature that helps the two loops to adjust well is the limited closure.

This type of collar is very easy to use and the material is good for the hand. Once you have bought it, you will only need to open the metal slip and open the loops, and then you put it around your dog. You can decrease the right size until you are able to slip certain number of your fingers. You should not be worried going with your dog in the open, when you have this collar.

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