Neko atsume cheats: Kitty collector is a game based on taming and entertaining cats. The game is a re-launch of Japanese game “Cats collection”. It is developed by Hit Point, supporting both iOS and Android based system. This game has gained wide popularity and is ranked as one of the top 5 mobile games in Jan 2016. The game is compelling and quite interesting to keep playing with the small kitten.

Game description:

The game has a total of 49 cats of which 17 cats are considered as “rare cats”. These cats are rare because they appear only when a particular item is placed on the yard. They are unique in behavior. When different items are placed before them, they show a unique behavior towards their items.

On appearance of the cats, their photographs can be clicked and saved to the album to receive gifts. Each cat has a unique name.

The game plan is to keep providing food, furniture and toys to the cat. Once the cat leaves the yard, it leaves behind a silver or gold fish or sometimes a memento. All these can be collected and would be used for purchasing food, furniture and toys to entertain the cats. The player can choose to remodel the garden on successful completion of levels. This game has no end and is free to play, but it needs an Internet connection.



  • 49 cute cats to entertain
  • Simple game suitable for all ages
  • No winners or losers
  • Good visual effects and great virtual experience in taming cats
  • Lots of gold fish to win and keep playing the game

Cheats / hacks:

To earn gold fish (also called Niboshi), by satisfying a cat, one has to know the items that attract 49 cats. The food store has several kinds of food to serve to the cats. Apart from offering food, proper choice of furniture and toys also makes a cat to appear, play on the garden, stay for a while and leave some gifts for the player.

Changing the phone’s date and time settings enables you to provide food to the cats when the games internal clock matches with the real time.

Tubbs is a white cat, which eats and leaves gifts for the player, making him sit for a long while in the garden, allows the player to earn more gold fish. This can be done by Clash Royale Cheats.

By placing all the cubes at once on the ground, several cats come out to sit on them. Each cushion/cube can seat two cats. After the cats leave, they may leave silver or gold fish to collect.

However, these letter codes would help you in earning lump sum gold or silver fish.

  • 300 gold fish : PJ_BnHvg96srL
  • 200 gold fish : UD_z0dI2YlfMf
  • 120 gold fish : MN_V80fs7JVAx
  • 150 gold fish : ZX_kKx41BMBLQ

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